That was productive

Today’s workout was 39 minutes.

I felt good with deadlifts and did 5 x 160kg for my final set.

For conditioning I did 4 sets each of skipping (high knees and double unders) and battle ropes (alternating wave and openers). 30 seconds on and 20 second break between exercises.

Have a great day.


Do you need a fasting plan?

Below is a link to two articles about the possible benefits of eating on a compressed schedule.

Another term for this is intermittent fasting, which is a popular topic in the fitness/training world these days.

I have experimented with the 8 hours on/ 16 hours off eating cycle and liked it.  I had one personal training client who did a 24 hour fast once per week.  He felt great after and found he had great workouts at the end of his fast.

I found that fasting teaches you that you can still function when you are hungry.  In our society today I feel many of us do not know how to deal with hunger and think of it as something we should never experience.

Of course, everyone needs to discover the fasting model that works for them, but I think there is definitely a place for it for many people. Bottom line, we in North America eat too much junkie food and then scratch our heads when we gain weight or can’t lose it.

Read: To prevent or reverse obesity and its ills, timing may be everything (LA Times)

Also read: Intermittent Fasting for Health and Fat Loss?

Tuesday movement

I was feeling quite sore and stiff prior to today’s workout.

Was I still feeling the effects of the sprints from Saturday morning? That is possible, as I had not done a sprint workout in a number of weeks.

The first part of today’s session started with mobility and then led into a triple superset of swings, pullups, and crawls with pushups.

I finished with 5 sets of dumbbell hang clean squat push press. I need to give this exercise a shorter name.

It was a great full body workout that was completed in 30 minutes.