Iron Deficiency in Women – article link

If you are an active female and dealing with cravings, fatigue, headaches, poor sleepfemale fatique iron levels low deficient Kanata fitness trainer quality, and a host of other issues then maybe you need to look at your iron levels.

Training and achieving your physical best is like a puzzle that constantly changes.

You need to regularly analyze what you are doing in terms of exercise, nutrition, stress, and sleep to determine what needs to be changed.

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I know I posted an article link to the same author (Dani Shugart) last week, but I feel this is another great one to share.

Is Fit Bit worth buying?

Since Christmas season is soon to be in full-swing we are going to be inundated with advertising for wearable technology like the Fit Bit.

Personally, I think these watches that track steps, calories, and sleep quality are very gimmicky and over-priced.

If you want to track your steps just fit bit not worth the moneywear a pedometer.  You can get one for under $10. Or, download a free app on your phone.

When it comes to tracking calories, just look in the mirror or use a tape measure on yourself.  That will tell you if you are eating too little or too much.

Additionally, calorie tracking on these expensive watches are not exact and can lead to people thinking they need to consume more calories, when the reverse may be the case. Did that hour training session really burn 500 calories?

When it comes to sleep quality, I don’t think you need a watch to tell you that you did not have a good sleep.  If you wake up and do not feel rested then clearly you did not sleep well. Does one need a watch to figure that out?

I would recommend scrapping the watch and working on steps to improve your sleep.  For example, go to bed earlier, avoid television and other screens an hour before bed, and practice breathing or light stretching to de-stress and relax.

I understand that some of these wearable watches look cool and can provide a lot of interesting data.

At the end of the day, I just wonder if they actually help make people healthier over the long-term.

Constant dieting wrecks your metabolism – article link

Here is a quick read on why women should eat for gaining muscle and to train for gaining muscle.

Constant dieting for weight loss eventually just leads to muscle loss and a sluggish metabolism.

Hint: You want to have a increased metabolism, so you burn more calories at rest. This is accomplished best through strength training, not spin class.

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Eat real protein

Unless you are an elite athlete then protein powder does not have to be part of your daily food intake.

Protein from real food sources works just fine.

Eggs, chicken, fish and beef are all excellent sources.  Beans and lentils are also great if you need a break from animal sources.

Protein powder is not better than real sources, no matter how appealing the label looks.

It may be convenient to fit in to a busy schedule, but what is the quality of the protein you are consuming?

Below is a link to a piece from CBC Marketplace on the practice of protein powders being spiked with filler and the actual protein content not being the same as shown on the label.


I’ll start after Christmas

It is mid-November, the snow has not yet fallen, but I have already heard the phrase – “I’ll start after Christmas”.

Remember, your schedule will not suddenly open up in January.  You will probably be busier then, than you are now.

If you make your fitness and health a priority now, just think of how far ahead you will be at the beginning of 2016.

A simple way I break it down for clients is to look at your exercise time in terms of minutes during the week.

Three training sessions per week at 25 minutes each equals one hour and fifteen minutes total.

Four training sessions at 20 minutes each equals one hour and 20 minutes out of your weekly schedule.

My best advice is to find a space at home where you can do body weight exercises.

No travel time is required, unless walking up and down your stairs counts, and you do not have to invest in any extra equipment.

Squats, push-ups, crawls, hip lifts, lunges, twists, running on the spot, get-ups, jumping jacks, shadow boxing, and many others are all easy to fit in at home.

It just comes down to making the commitment to allocate time for your health and well-being and getting started.

Now training at Winning Circle Martial Arts

Good day and welcome to the new site for Athlete365 Fitness.winning circle personal training fitness trainer strength fat loss athlete performance

The old site was taken down at the beginning September, 2015 and today is my first post on the new site.

My personal training is now being done at 150 Katimavik Road inside Winning Circle Martial Arts.

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