My Friday Workout

Today started with my 4km jog into work.

After training my clients for the day I completed a 45 minute barbell workout consisting of 4 exercises. Hang snatch, front squats, Romanian deadlifts, and barbell rows.

Nothing fancy (is it ever?) and felt great afterwards.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Snowboarding + Circuit

It was a beautiful day for snowboarding at Pakenham today.

Once I got back home I decided to do a quick 4 exercise circuit in my basement while watching the Packers and Seahawks game.

I did 6 rounds of:

Double kettlebell squats x 10
Pushups x 10
Double kettlebell swing x 10
Body rows x 8

The circuit was done in under 25 minutes.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


How goes the New Year Resolution?

We are now in the middle of January and hopefully you are staying active and staying on track.

I find at this time of year it is hard time to stay motivated, but I know I have to keep at it so I don’t put on a winter layer.

Today’s workout took 40 minutes and included :

– Single arm kettlebell swings 3 x 20kg-24kg x 15 each arm

– Double kettlebell squats 1 x 8 (24/28kg) 3 x 8 x (28/32kg)

– Weighted pull-ups 4 x 5 x 20 lbs dumbbell

– Single arm kettlebell press 2 x 6 each arm x 28kg, 1 x 6 each arm x 32 kg

– Single leg bench hip thruster (hamstrings) 3 x 10 each leg

– Close grip push-ups 3 x 10

Have a wonderful day.

Teenage strength / muscle building workout template

Has your teen recently begun showing an interest in lifting weights?

The benefits of lifting weights are endless.

– improve sport performance

– improve overall fitness

– reduce body fat

– improve self-esteem

– manage depression

– improve eating habits

– improve sleep

But knowing how to train properly is often an area where teens or anyone new to weight training has difficulty.

In this video I go over a basic training template that goes over some of the basics to follow when someone first begins lifting weights.

Enjoy and let me know if you have questions.

One simple butt and hamstring exercise

Here is a super exercise for building your butt and hamstrings.

Only body weight is needed so you can really do this exercise anywhere.

No one I train enjoys this exercise, because it is challenging, but it is one of the best exercises for isolating your glute and hamstring.

Aim to do 2-3 sets of 5-15 repetitions on each leg.

Let me know if you have questions.