Is 15 minutes enough time for exercise?

Is it possible to get an effective workout done in 15 minutes?

In my opinion, any exercise is better than no exercise.

In this video I go over some ways to fit in a 15 minute workout at home that will help you improve your cardiovascular fitness as well as strength.

The key is to keep the exercises simple, so you flow from one to the next, and that you keep moving for the entire 15 minutes.

Let me know if you have questions.

Sunday speed workout

I did not make it out on my mountain bike today, although I made it over to the sports field near my house for a quick sprint workout.

Following a 10 minute dynamic warm-up that included some plyometrics I completed 6 x full field sprints (with walk back recovery).

The workout was done in under 25 minutes.

Tomorrow will be a day off so Tuesday will probably be a lifting day. 


Feeling like an old guy

Today was a hectic day training clients and I had a sore low back as well.

Oh the joys of pushing 40.

I thought briefly of skipping my workout, but that idea didn’t last long.

I rolled my hips and glutes prior to starting my warm-up and I ended up of having a decent workout.

And to no surprise, my back pain was gone once I finished the workout.


Am I Weird?

Today I did a sprint session similar to last week at the Castlefrank Elementary sports field.

While doing it I thought to don’t see many people sprinting for general exercise.

I probably see up to 20 people a day jogging the streets of Kanata, but never someone running as fast as they can over a short distance.

Sprinting is what you need to do if you want to lose fat and build muscle.

Build muscle and burn more calories at rest.

Burn more calories at rest and lose more body fat.

Jogging just makes you weak, slow, injured, and lose muscle mass.

Try it for yourself and go try some sprints.

Warm-up and then do 4 or 5 length wise sprints at a soccer field near your home. Meaning, sprint at your max speed from goal post to goal post.

You will be amazed at how out of breath you will be and also how sore you will be over the following two days.

Have fun and let me know if you have questions.

Post-binge recovery day

Often people who are new to training with me are relieved to hear that I sometimes eat junky food.

For example, last night I showed a plate of brownies who was the boss.

Oh well. What is done is done, and there is no need to keep feeling guilty about a poor food decision.

Plus, I think it is important to sometimes just eat whatever you want, no matter how unhealthy you think it is.

Today was a new day and I made a point of eating well and getting in a solid workout.

Have a great day!


Return of the sprints

Today’s workout was my first time doing sprints since I injured my achilles back in June.

Although I didn’t feel very fast, and was quite winded after 6 sprints, it did feel good to run.

This is how this 33 minute workout broke down:

– Light jog with dynamic warm-up

– Split-leg jumps 3 x 10 each leg
– Explosive pushups 3 x 10

– 70 metre sprints x 6

– Pullups on monkey bars 4 x 5
– V-snaps 4 x 10

Hopefully winter stays away and I will be able to continue to train outdoors for the next couple of months.

(3 x 3) x 2 = 18 sets

Today’s workout was quite different from my barbell sessions of late.

It is amazing how high your heart rate can go when you keep your breaks short (20-30 seconds) and triple set your exercises.

It felt good to change it up and the workout was completed in 29 minutes.

Have a great Friday.

Go RedBlacks!


We are in the 4th quarter

There are only 3 months left in 2014!

Another year is flying by and I hope you are not telling yourself that you will start taking care of your health in 2015.

Today is the day, because there is never a perfect time to take the first step.

Make the commitment and just get it going.

Below is my workout from today.

It was a quick 21 minute session that was done for 3 rounds.

It felt good to work with the kettlebells because I have been spending all my time with a barbell over the past number of months.

My workouts will start to focus more on kettlebell, bodyweight, and conditioning over the coming 3 months.

Have a super Wednesday.