Squat and rower

Today’s workout was fit in to a tight schedule.

I was not feeling particularly energetic but I knew I had to train today, because tomorrow is a full schedule.

I built up on squats and finished with two 400m rower sprints.

Everything was done in under 30 minutes.


March 25th workout

I forgot to post my session yesterday.

It was a quick 31 minutes that involved strength plus a quick shot of conditioning at the end.

Overall, I am feeling good and getting back into the swing of things after returning from vacation.

I will post up my goals for the coming 3 months by the end of this week.

Have a great day.


Cookie and wine withdrawal

Today was my first time back in the gym since my snowboarding vacation last week.

Four days of boarding at Mont Sainte Anne was amazing, but I am glad to get back into a more regular routine of exercise and eating.

I indulged a little too much with sweets and wine, but oh well. Sometimes it just needs to be done.

My training session tonight lasted 39 minutes and was a good up tempo workout.

I may train tomorrow depending on how I recover from tonight’s workout.

Have a great night.


April is almost here – Let’s set some goals

My favourite time of the year is Spring.goal setting Kanata fitness training spring bootcamp fat loss women

After a long and cold winter I love to watch the snow melt and get back to training outdoors.

Additionally, I just really enjoy getting back on my bike to commute to and from my gym.

Longer days and warmer temperatures.  What’s not to love about this time of year in Ottawa.

Personally, I find the period of April to the end of June to be my most productive and enjoyable time when it comes to physical activity.

So what is my goal for the coming three months?

Will I train in the hopes to race in some 100 and 200 metre sprint events like last year?

All I know is I want to get away from the gym and get outdoors.

I tend to gravitate towards track based training because I can do them when they fit in to my schedule and they are an excellent way to lose body fat and improve overall fitness.

I did sprint triathlons for a few summers in the past, but the time commitment is just not realistic at this point in my life.  Business, kids, and family does not leave large blocks of training time over the course of a week.

How about you?

Do you have a goal for the coming three months?

My advice is to establish some goals and then dedicate time in to your weekly schedule where you commit to working towards them.

Just saying, “I’m going to go the gym more”, is not really a concrete goal.

Saying, “I want to lose 10 lbs of body fat”, or “I want to run a faster 400 metres”, is a goal that will more likely have you stick to your plan.

Sit down, write out some goals, establish a start and end date, plot out a plan, and get going.

Need help?  Let me know and I can help you.

I’ll post my goals before the end of March.

Have a great Sunday.

Deadlift for health

Bending down to pick up an object is a skill most of us take for granted.

Think about lifting a heavier object and how you have to brace your body to perform the task.

Properly done, elements you would focus on would be:

– a tight mid-section

– pressure through mid-foot to heel

–  lifting with the legs and not the low back

– maintaining a solid back position with the shoulders retracted

One of the staple movements I use with clients is the deadlift (or, variations depending on client need and ability) because it directly applies to the physical demands of daily life.

Below is a video of a client trap bar deadlifting 151kg (332 lbs).

Note, he is advanced and has been training with me for over 4 years.  I don’t have new people show up and just start trying to lift as much as they can.

Remember, strength training is beneficial at any age.  The key is to work within ones abilities and to progress in a safe manner.

We should always be working to be stronger.

Because once strength starts to decline, health tends to follow close behind.


Sunday Snowboard + Strength

The day started with snowboarding at Pakenham.

In the afternoon I made my way to the gym for what ended up being a solid strength session.

I completed 8 reps with 140kg for my last set of deadlifts so I was happy with that.

I will now take one week off from training in order to give myself a needed break.

Have a great night.


Friday the 13th Strength

Today’s workout happened at the end of a 10 hour work day.

I was not feeling particularly motivated, but once I got going it turned into a pretty good strength session.

It consisted of three exercises.

– Hang Snatch ( 50kg )
– Front Squats ( 100kg )
– Weighted pull ups ( 45 lbs.)

It was completed in under 38 minutes.

Have a great weekend.


Another basement workout

Tonight’s workout started at 850pm and was done in under 36 minutes.

1. Six minutes shadow box and dynamic warm-up

Circuit: 5 rounds

2a. Kettlebell swings x 30 (20kg)
2b. Pushups x 15
2c. Body rows x 10
2d. Half Turkish get up x 3 each arm (20kg) – I couldn’t do full ones as the ceiling is too low in my basement

Have a great night.


The five elements for the body you want

“What do you do for cardio?”

A client of mine shared a story with me last week of how she was asked this question by a friend.

When she responded that she does not do any cardio, in the traditional sense of steady pace work on a treadmill or elliptical machine, her friend really could not wrap it around their head.

women fitness woman's personal trainer Kanata Ontario fat loss

Crawling is an amazing exercise for full-body strength and conditioning

My client is her early fifties and is in phenomenal shape.

She is lean, strong, and is very fit.

But how can she be these things without cardio?

Unfortunately, cardio (oh, how I loathe that word) is still seen by many as the way to a lean, strong, fit body.

From my 12 years of personal training experience this is simply not the case.

The five elements of lifting weights, interval based conditioning, sleep, stress-management, and the all important ingredient of nutrition, is what is needed to lose body fat and attain the body one desires.

The only steady pace activity (see, I don’t use the dirty “c” word) we should all do a lot of is walking.  Ideally, outside so you can breathe fresh air, relax, think, and reduce stress.

No approach for any individual will be the same, but the the combination of the five elements need to be integrated into any plan, and it does not matter what your age or fitness level.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful day.