Barbell Complex

Today I had 30 minutes to train between clients, so after a 10 minute warm-up I decided to do a 5 exercise barbell complex for 4 sets.

The exercises were:

1. Hang clean x 5

2. Front Squat x 5

3. Push-press x 5

4. RDL x 5

5. Bent over row x 5

I have not done a barbell complex in a number of years and it was challenging.

I kept my break between sets to under 2 minutes and I worked with 50 to 55 kg over the course of the four sets.

I will try it again next week with a little more weight and maybe also a sixth exercise.

Have a great night.

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2 exercises for 14 work sets

Today’s workout may not look like much on paper, but it was a solid 40 minute session.

I started with snatch and really focused on my form during the initial pull. Specifically, maintaining a solid back position through to the bar coming up to my knees.

Following snatch I did front squats with a 1 second pause at the bottom and worked up to three sets with 100kg.

Sure, I am not lifting the weight I did back in my football and bobsled days, but I am feeling strong and mobile on way to 40 years of age.

Have a great day.


My 30 minutes today

I think my tiredness of late probably has something to do with it being late February in Ottawa.

We have all had it with the -30 C days, so getting in my regular workouts is crucial for me at this time of year.

I was feeling quite flat at the beginning of my session, but I ended up feeling very good during deadlifts.

Depending on how I feel tomorrow I may try to do a conditioning focused session. 

Rower sprints anyone?


Getting it done at home

Today started with a beautiful day of snowboarding at Pakenham.

After returning home I did a 6 exercise circuit ( 4 rounds total ) in the basement that took me under 26 minutes to complete.

I had not trained since Thursday and just wanted to do something light to get me moving. My legs are still feeling a little fatigued so I want to give them more of a break from barbell work.

The six exercises I did were:

1. Single arm kettlebell swings x 15 each arm (20kg)

2. Pushups (spider and weighted) x 10-12

3. Double kettlebell squat (16/20kg) x 10-12

4. Body rows x 10

5. Dumbbell lateral raise x 10-12 (15lbs.)

6. Dumbbell bicep curl x10-12 (25lbs.)

I did not time breaks between exercises or sets, but just tried to take as little rest as possible to keep my heart rate elevated.

Have a great night.


Women’s Nutrition Health Camp – Kanata

It was a quick one

Today’s workout was done in under 24 minutes.

It was a busy day training clients, so I only had 30 minutes to get my own training in for the day.

I kept it simple and did kettlebell swings, pull-ups, and squats.

I felt good, but I need to give my legs a break from barbell work for three or four days.

I am planning on getting a conditioning workout in tomorrow if my schedule permits it.

Have a great night.


Zero to awesome in 47 minutes

I am still battling a cold that has been working its way through our home, but I really wanted to train today.

It was hard to get started, but once I began that workout went very well.

I was planning on only doing a 30 minute session, but it ended up getting stretched out to 47 minutes.

We are at peak winter and it is cold and miserable here in Ottawa.

Make sure to keep up with some form of physical activity.

It will do wonders for your mood and you won’t be playing catch-up when the spring rolls around.

Stay strong and active.


My Saturday Lift

Today’s workout consisted of hang snatch, squats with a pause, and weighted pull ups and was completed in 36 minutes.

I have been fighting off a cold over the past few days so I was definitely not feeling 100% today.

It still felt good to move around and get my third weight workout done for the week.

Have a great night.