Teenage athlete training template

Below is a video I did in 2015 that goes over a basic training template for teenagers who are looking to increase strength and muscle mass.

It is a basic 2-3 times per week full-body program that is geared towards teens who also participate in other sports.

As with any training program, the key to success is training consistently, working hard when in the gym, eating well, and getting adequate rest.

This template ideally can be followed for 6-8 weeks and is geared to teenager who are new to weight training.

To see examples of the exercises mentioned please go to the videos page.

Although I am a proponent of Olympic lifting, I did not include any in this template because Olympic lifting is highly technical and needs to be coached properly in order to ensure safety.

Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions.

Hit the Hills

It’s another year, and it’s me again selling the benefits of running hills at the KRC in Kanata.

Run, walk, crawl..do whatever you have to do get yourself to the top of the hill and then repeat.

Aim to hit the hill twice per week (take 2-3 days between hill sessions) and aim to do it for a 6 week period.

Challenge yourself to add one hill per week.

Also, remember there is also the excellent outdoor gym that was installed in 2015 at the KRC.

Get outside, do some hills, work some strength at the outdoor gym, and enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having.

Super simple outdoor training ideas

It looks like we are finally getting some consistent spring temperatures, so it is time to get yourself outside for some workouts.

Here are four ideas that can be done at a soccer field or in your backyard.

Soccer field:

For a warm-up you can jog to the field if it is not too far from your home, or you can do 2-3 laps of the field when you get there.
Follow this with 2 rounds of:
– lunge walk x 20 steps total (10 each leg)
– Push ups x 5-10 (regular, from knees, or lean against picnic table or park bench)
– jump squats x 10-12 (do 20-30 jumping jacks if squat jumps are too difficult)
Then do:
#1) Corner to corner sprints x 8
– sprint (80-90% max speed) length of soccer field and then walk width to other corner.  Then repeat.
– aim to complete 4 laps (8 sprints total)  and increase by one lap each week
#2) Run one lap of soccer field, followed by 10 body weight squats, then 5-10 push-ups and push yourself to see how many rounds of these three exercises you can complete in 20 minutes.  Take breaks whenever you need.
– You can substitute body weight squats for lunges, and push ups with an ab exercise if you want
#3) 50 metre repeat sprints (run to mid-field) x 10
– Take 30 second break between sprints (you can make the workout more challenging by dropping your recovery to 25, 20, 15 seconds over the course of 4-5 weeks if you want.  Or, you can also increase your distance to 60-70 metres if you like. Or, you can add one more 50m sprint each time you do the workout.
Back yard workout:
#4) Kettlebell swings x 20-25
       Crawls x 45-60 seconds
       Lunge walk x 20 steps total (or reduce reps by increasing weight with dumbbells or kettlebell)
       Leg raises (or alternative ab exercise) x 10-20
– aim to complete 4-5 rounds
– you can add an exercise or change exercises as you see fit
– aim to complete 2-4 of these workouts per week
– make sure to work within your fitness ability
Contact me if you have any questions

Are you a Facebook addict?

I have been off of Facebook since September, 2015 and I love not having the distraction.

Sure, you may feel a little out of the loop of what is going on, but then for those of us over 30, we survived a big part of our lives without social media.

Did you know that the average amount of time spent on Facebook is now 50 minutes?

I realize that 50 minutes does not happen all at once, but it is still telling of the amount time people spend it front of screens these days.

Factor in other social media platforms and Netflix and you realize people spend a good chunk of their waking hours staring at a screen.

Read: Facebook Has 50 Minutes of Your Time Each Day.  It Wants More.(NY Times)

Should you have a gym membership?

Often people equate being fit and healthy with paying for a gym membership.fitness home Kanata training personal training gym Stittsville

Here in Kanata there is a gym in every neighbourhood.

From massive commmercial gyms, to city operated facilities, to boutique centres, people have loads of options for exercise.

But is it your best option?

Have you ever thought about turning your home into your own private gym?

When your exercise is done at home you no longer have to factor in the time it will take to travel back and forth to the gym.

If you have 20 to 30 minutes to spare you can quickly get your workout completed and return to your day.

Setting up a home gym can be inexpensive when compared to the money people dish out for under-used gym memberships.

In the accompanying picture you see my home gym which consists of a heavy bag, boxing gloves, kettlebells, and some dumbbells.

It is nothing fancy and cost me well under $1000 to set up.  Note, I accumulated this equipment over the years and did not buy it all in one shot.

In the colder months I train indoors, and when it gets warmer I take some kettlebells outside for a change of scenery.

The big plus with training at home is that it is easier to fit in to your schedule and this gives you a better chance at being consistent over the long term.

Because it is all about being consistent over the weeks, months, and years.

Need help setting up a home gym and program?

Please contact me and I can help you out.