Just show up

It was surprisingly hot for late August here in Ottawa today.

It was also a busy day, so I must admit my motivation was lacking by the time my own workout came around at the end of the day.

But I started it and by the five minute mark I was in to it and feeling good.


Power Saturday

Today I did clean and jerk, which I have not done in a decade or longer. What an awesome all-in-one exercise! My left shoulder felt fine as well so that is a plus.

I followed it up with snatch deadlifts, bent over rows, and then a battle rope circuit.

Feeling good and the session was done in just over 40 minutes.


If it works for Lebron then..

Here is a post I shared on the SFL Kanata Facebook page regarding Lebron James’ supposed new eating regimen.

I like to avoid the dirty word ‘diet’. Is eating lots of fat, while avoiding carbohydrates like grains and pasta, the key to fat loss?

I definitely think there is validity to it for the general public who may not engage in much physical activity.

Although, for a high performance athlete, I do not think low carb is a recipe for success.

Sure, Lebron has clearly leaned out, but I guarantee that he is still consuming adequate carbs for training, recovery, and game time.

Battle ropes eh?

Today’s workout lasted 43 minutes and included some of my usual exercises.

Hang snatch, snatch squat, and weighted pullups.

I did finish the session with a battle rope circuit which was fun and challenging.

Battle ropes have been popular in the fitness world for a few years now, but it was something I had just not tried.

I bought the the ropes for my clients because I was looking for an alternative conditioning exercise so they don’t get bored of the usual menu (rowing, sprinting, boxing, sled dragging, up/downs, kettlebell swings, etc.).

I was impressed, and as it was only day #1 with them, I am sure to discover many more ways to incorporate them into client workouts.

Have a great day.


Full body in 2 exercises

Today’s workout consisted of cleans and squats.

It was my first day doing cleans since I installed the lifting platform and it was great to finally have it under my feet.  It just felt much easier to move my feet and get under the bar.

I challenged myself with my squats to do 50 repetitions with my body weight (100kg).

It was challenging and fun in some sort of sick and twisted way, as my legs felt like jello by repetition 50.

Overall, it was a solid workout that took just under 38 minutes to complete.

olympic lifting helps with fat loss kanata


Let’s drag some weight

Today’s workout was a solid full- body session that took 33 minutes to complete.

I stayed away from the barbell and worked mainly with the kettlebells and the drag sled.

It was the first time in a long time that I used the sled in one of my own workouts and it was very challenging.

If you are looking for a simple tool to work strength, conditioning, and burn body fat, then a drag sled is worth the roughly $150 investment (plus additional weight to load on the sled).

Have a great weekend.


Back at it

Today was my first workout back after a one week self-imposed break.

I must say that I enjoyed the break very much, but I noticed my body was starting to stiffen up over over the past couple of days. Clearly it was a sign to start training again.

I went in to today’s workout with no structured plan, only I had to do some form of exercise for 30 to 40 minutes.

Once I started moving I felt good.

Hopefully I will not be too sore tomorrow.


New program for September 2014

In some of my posts over the past few months I have been reflecting on observations I have made and things I have learned since I started personal training back in 2003.

One message I have conveyed to clients over the years is that my most important role fat loss plan programs program Ottawa exercise nutrition lifestlye personal traineris to teach them how to exercise and eat properly.

Sure, a trainer can order you to do this exercise for this many repetitions and sets, but I have always believed that it is my role to explain to people why they are doing the things they do when they train.

I see my role as a facilitator who helps guide people to help them achieve health and wellness through regular exercise and proper nutrition.

The end goal is for people to incorporate fitness in to their life and to eventually do it on their own. You want to make exercise a part of your routine so it becomes just as important as eating, sleeping, and brushing your teeth.

Exercise is not just something you do if you have the time.  You make the time to fit in to your life.

With this is mind, I am launching a new program in September that will help people make exercise a long-term activity, and not the constant yo-yo that it is for the majority of people out there.

I will post all of the specifics next week.

What’s next?

I have not trained since last Wednesday and I must say I am enjoying the break.

My body was clearly telling me I needed to take a step back, as I was starting to constantly feel sore and my motivation to train was waning.

I have been using the time off to read up on how I may train when I get back to it.

Do I want to focus mostly on Olympic lifting or will it be something else?

I may get back to it tomorrow, or I may need a few more days off.

Have a good one.


Is that gym membership worth it?

Do you have a gym membership?

If yes, then how much do you pay?  $20-30 bi-weekly?

Are you using it enough to get your money’s worth, or would that money be better spent on gym equipment for home?

I am lucky that I have a gym where I work because it is very easy for me to fit in a workout gym membership kanata gyms worth it home workout trainerover the course of the day.

But if I did not have that gym then when are where would I train?

At home of course.  I do not have a lot of room, but it is so much more convenient to slip down to my basement for a solid 20-30 minute workout, than travelling to a gym.  Also, if I want to change it up I can always just walk out my door and go to a park or sports field near my home.

Think about how much time is spent just getting to the gym and back home.  Travel time,
parking, sharing equipment, chit chatting…the next thing you know your 30 minute workout took you well over an hour to complete.

If you are pressed for time then it is easy to see how taking an hour out of your day to workout is not really sustainable over the long term.  Meaning, your trips to the gym become more infrequent and the next thing you know you have not been there in over a month.

But you are still paying for your membership.

If you want to get away from your gym membership and train at home then here are some past posts on home equipment and workouts.

Let me know if you have any questions.