Minimal usually works best

Today’s workout kept getting delayed until my only option was training in the basement at 830pm.

The odd time I do train in my basement I find I have a great workout.

I think it mainly has to do with having minimal equipment so you have to be creative to challenge yourself.

Tonight’s session involved a six exercise circuit done for three rounds and ended with four rounds of sprints on the spot. I warmed up with five minutes of shadow kickboxing.

Everything was done in just under 35 minutes.


Break dance pushups and lunges

Yesterday’s workout was a six exercise circuit done for three rounds that was completed in 29 minutes.

I did break dance pushups which are always a good way to spice up regular pushups.

As well I went heavy with my walking lunges and they felt good. Dumbbell lunges are an awesome lower body exercise and they do not put stress on the lower back.

I was not feeling very motivated prior to my workout but felt great once I got 5 minutes into my session.

Have a wonderful Friday.


Discovering weak links

I usually do not train this late in the evening, but why not change up the routine once in awhile?

Felt good tonight and my low back is feeling better.

It has been lingering for a number of weeks now and I think I have discovered my problem.

Weak/inactive glutes and hamstrings.

I would have thought I was not weak in this area, but when I isolate them with an exercise (ex. bench hip thrusters) I see I am not as strong as I would have thought.

Even though I have been training for many years I still discover new things.

As I always tell people – we are all ongoing experiments when it comes to our health and wellness.


3 x supersets

I was quite busy at my desk today and it felt like I was losing more energy every minute I spent in front of the computer screen.

Luckily, I was able to pull myself away and get in a quality 31 minute workout.

The first two supersets were strength focused, while the last one was conditioning.

For the last set I did 3 rounds of battle ropes and jump squats.

Each exercise was 35 seconds with a 15 second break between each. It made for a challenging final 5 minutes for the session.

Try it out. Tell me what you think.


Try this circuit

Today’s workout was a challenging 6 exercise circuit.

Each station was done for 40 seconds, followed by a 15 second rest.

At the end of each round I took a 60 second break.

I completed 3 rounds in total.

The exercises were:

– battle ropes
– goblet squat (28kg kettlebell)
– crawls
– pullups
– bench butt-lift (hamstrings)
– pushups

I will try this circuit again in 5-6 days and will aim to do 4 rounds.


Stay Motivated

Today was jump squats, barbell thrusters, barbell rdl’s, and barbell rows.

Just another solid strength workout and I will try to fit in a conditioning workout tomorrow.

It’s November so many people find it hard to find the motivation to exercise as it is getting colder and the days shorter.

I feel the same many days during November and December but the key is to make it a priority and just get it done.